Hat Yai, South Thailand

After 10 hours train from KL, Malaysia, We crossing Thai-Malay border onland. The immigration process was quick and not complicated. Then We waited for train checked for almost 30 minutes, well it took more time than immigration process.

2 hours train from border, We arrived at Hat yai, the border town in southern Thailand. It’s quite and small town, even it known as favourite destination for Malaysia and Singapore tourist.

*to be continued*

Food stall at night

I wish we can rent bike
Eva in front one of Chinese restaurant
food-street-thailand-aribowo hatyai-street-chinese-yellow-red-smile-hawker-food-stall-travel-photography-eva-aribowo
Food stall
food-street-hawker-thailand-halal-moslem-travel-photography hatyai-street-chinese-yellow-red-smile-hawker-food-stall-travel-photography-eva-aribowo
Food everywhere
Beatiful city view

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